The Bramble

The Bramble Cocktail
The Bramble Cocktail.


The Bramble is a classic short cocktail made with fresh Lemon juice and Gin, flavored with Creme de Mure.


– Gin
– Lemon juice
– Creme de Mure
– Sugar Syrup (Mix 1:1 sugar and water)
– Ice, crushed or cubed


Fill a cocktail shaker with cubed ice and add the Gin, Lemon juice and sugar syrup. Give it a shake for no less than 10 seconds.

Strain the ingredients over cubed or crushed ice in an old fashioned cocktail glass, then pour the Creme de Mure over the back of a spoon into the glass.

Garnish this classic Bramble cocktail with lemon and/or blackberries.